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Windows 95 for dummies

Windows 95 for dummies

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Good condition used book. Paperback 


Find Out Why Over 25 Million Readers Love the ...For Dummies Titles from IDG Books!

"This reference book is perfect for people with better things to do."

-J. Garcia, San Gabriel, CA, on the Bestselling Windows 3.1 For Dummies 2nd Edition

Bestselling author Andy Rathbone has helped thousands of novice Windows users figure out the buttons, bars, and boxes in Windows 3.1. Now Andy demystifies Windows 95, the hot new version of Windows that's heading for desktops around the world. Turn to Windows 95 For Dummies for just the

information a need to make your PC you more efficient and a lot easier to use. Get more from your computer with the hottest system

•Andy's Top Ten Lists of Windows 95 Tips:

Ten Windows 95 icons and what they do

Ten cool new Windows 95 features

worth checking out Ten aggravating things about Windows 95 (and how to fix them)

Ask for IDG Books

...For Dummies

Books, the Fun and Easy Way to Find Out About Computers.

Technical Review By Jim McCarter KSM Consulting, L.L.C.


Let These Icons Guide You!



STO Highlights nerdy technical discussions you can skip if you want to

Points you to shortcuts and insights that can save you time or money

software around! •Make old versions of DOS and Windows pro

grams work under Windows 95

•Save time with new Windows 95 programs

like the Taskbar, Explorer, and Start button •Customize the Windows 95 desktop to tit

your needs

Easy-to-follow steps for doing the things that you used to do in Windows 3.1 Bluff your way along when nobody's around

to help

• Use Windows 95's "Plug and Play" so that it

really is easier to install new hardware and software Play CD-ROMs, videos, sounds, and music to

Flags a friendly reminder to do something

Look for IDG Books'

Windows 95 For Dummies Quick Reference, the fast and

friendly way to remembe

Windows 95 features,

and PCs For Dummies

3rd Edition, IDG Books

updated reference for al

your PC headaches!

About the Author

Andy Rathbone is a bestselling computer book author with more than a million copies of his books in print. He's the author of IDG Books' Multimedia & CD-ROMs For Dummies Upgrading & Fixing PCs For Dummies 2nd Edition, OS/2" Warp For Dummies 2nd Edition, and coauthor of the bestselling PCs For Daramies 3rd Edition, a Computer Press Award Finalist. His articles have appeared in PC World and CompuServe magazines.

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