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U.S. MODERN PENTATHLON 1980 PEWTER PLATE from the Summer Olympics

U.S. MODERN PENTATHLON 1980 PEWTER PLATE from the Summer Olympics

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Pewter plate from 1980 Summer Olympics

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The modern pentathlon at the 1980 Summer Olympics was represented by two events (both for men): Individual competition and Team competition. As usual in Olympic modern pentathlon one competition was held and each competitor's score was included to the Individual competition event results table and was also added to his teammates' scores to be included to the Team competition event results table. This competition consisted of 5 disciplines which were held in 4 venues:

  1. Equestrian held on July 20 at the Trade Unions Equestrian Centre situated in the Bitsa forest park (southern part of Moscow)
  2. Fencing held on July 21 at the Sports Palace of the Central Sports Club of the Army (south-western part of Moscow)
  3. Shooting held on July 22 at the Dynamo Shooting Range in Mytishchi (south-eastern part of Moscow)
  4. Swimming held on July 23 at the Swimming Pool of the Olympiski Sports Complex (central part of Moscow)
  5. Cross-country held on July 24 at the Trade Unions Equestrian Centre


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