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The world of Leonardo, 1452-1519 by Time Life

The world of Leonardo, 1452-1519 by Time Life

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Good used hardback book. One of many in a set by Time life. 1966

Good readable condition.  Includes protective cover. 

About the Author

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The Consulting Editor:

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The Consultant for This Book:

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On the Slipcase:

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End Papers:

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Robert Mar

Bdual Staff for The World of

Ar Ed Diana Hind

ABC. Whippin

Pe Ed Kathie Shall

Dr Paul Jen

Astone Des Lead Wolc

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Rew Majoria Pick, Jae Alexander, Jodoh Levemon Bey B, Dori Winon

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Copy S Blind Snubberg Marie Clarke, Fleece Kesh How Deper Dolores A. Lates

Arold Holywell. As Chief of Re Martha T Click

Barbara S Sim Art Ani Nancy Barle

Mats Ma

Jean D. Manley Gal Manager John D. McSway Bar Mager Jobs Serve Maxwell

Po De Pal R. Serwart Palos Dente Nicholas Best

The pectus ways for the bk were written by Robert Wallace. The following adul and departments of Time I helped produce this book Editorial Production, Norman Airey, Margas T Ficher, Picture Collection, Doric O'Neil, Libary, Per Dra: Tus-Lan New Service, Mary J. Gart, Componente Maria Visca Al Par]. Ans Nata and Erik Amhof (Meme), Marges Hapgoed, Barbars Muir and Katherine Sch (London), Babeth Kremer (Hons), Robust Kinon Genevs). Trand Lessing (Vienna) Andere Glow Crac

© Time Inc. All righ served. Published maculy in Canada Red 103. Reprod 19.

Library of Congrem catalogue card number 60-40 School and wary dubution by Silver Bandett Company, Mortation, New Jersey

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