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That's You

That's You

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That's You!, as with all titles on Sony's PlayLink range, allows players to use their phones and tablet devices as controllers, via a companion app, and connect to the PlayStation 4 through the host Wi-Fi network.

For 2-6 players, it plays out as a fictional party, hosted by a southern American narrator, who takes the group through a succession of themed social situations, asking them questions and setting them challenges to find out how well they know one another.

During the game's set-up players are asked to choose a playing card (based on Jungian archetypes) and take a selfie, to which numerous filters can be applied. The selfies can be retaken at any point and form an integral part of the gameplay.

To score, players must vote on who they think best answers the question through secret ballots on their phones. As the questions are subjective and there is no correct answer, points are awarded by voting consensus, with the scores increasing relative to the number of players in agreement.[8] The game then elaborates by focusing on a selected individual and getting the players to draw, write, and perform challenges based on their knowledge of them. These rounds are similarly scored by consensus.

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