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Rigs Mechanized Combat League

Rigs Mechanized Combat League

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Players take control of large mechs known as "Rigs" as they compete in a professional sports competition set 50 years in the future. The sports competition takes place in an open arena based in real-world locations, such as Rio de Janeiro and Dubai.

The overall gameplay consists of a five-minute match divided into two halves. Six players are grouped in two three-man teams. Rigs are equipped with a variety of weapons loadouts, which players can use to score a Takedown by destroying an opposing team's Rig. There are three playable match types in the game:

  • Team Takedown: A match type similar to team deathmatch, where two teams race against each other to score the most takedowns within five minutes.
  • Power Slam: Two teams compete against each other to score the most points by jumping into a ring in the middle of the arena. Before doing so, players must first enter the Overdrive mode by scoring takedowns and collecting power spheres.
  • Endzone: In the same vein as American football, two teams attempt to take control of a holographic ball and score by running through the opposition's goalpost while in possession of the ball.

There are four Rig classes in the game, each with unique characteristics: Sentinel, Hunter, Mirage, and Tempest. There are a total of 24 Rigs available to players. Each individual Rig also comes with its own weapons loadout and ability, e.g. Nine Lives is a Mirage-class Rig with the Vampire ability which restores the Rig to full health upon taking down an opponent, and a weapons loadout consisting of a warhead missile launcher and a beam laser emitter, while Dead Center is a Tempest-class Rig with the Thief ability which allows the Rig to pick up power spheres and the Endzone ball by shooting them from a distance and keeps the Rig invisible to the radar while in Turbo Mode, and a weapons loadout consisting of two heavy machine guns.

The game features a single-player campaign and online multiplayer mode. The single-player campaign revolves around a three-division league, complete with single-elimination tournament matches occurring between regular season matches, and a number of AI pilots which the player can hire as teammates. The online multiplayer mode includes exhibition mode where the player can challenge another player in a one-on-one match assisted by AI pilots or set up custom matches to play with friends, and "Divisions" campaign mode where the player competes in online matches to move up through ten divisions.

The game also features sponsorship representing fictional companies. There are a number of sponsorship tasks that can be completed on single-player or online matches, and reward a customization item for first-time completion, in addition to cash or follower boost. These tasks range from taking down each opponent once without ejecting to scoring a specified number of takedowns in a single match using a particular Rig class.

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