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Highlighters - Chisel Tip

Highlighters - Chisel Tip

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Whether you're organizing notes or underlining passages in a textbook, BIC Brite liner highlighters make highlighting a breeze. These tank-style highlighters deliver super-bright fluorescent ink to help emphasize the important parts of documents, books, and notes. Each highlighter creates marks that stand out on the page, and its chisel tip allows for smooth transitioning between precise underlines and broad coverage sweeps. Built with heavy use in mind, Each ACMI-approved, non-toxic highlighter contains a large supply of ink and won’t dry out for up to eight hours If left uncapped. BIC Brite Liner highlighters make highlighting fun and are great for use at home, school, or the office.

  • Super bright fluorescent ink highlighter
  • Won't dry out for up to 8 hours with cap left off
  • Chisel tip for broad highlighting or fine underlining
  • Convenient pen shaped design ensures comfort
  • ACMI approved non-toxic
  • Available in yellow, pink, blue, green and orange
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